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Standalone software or money generating portals.

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  • Classifieds Portal

    53,000.00 $ 49,500.00 $ Price excluding tax

    It’s a portal where in buyer and seller get connects directly without our interference.  Ads can be posted with the login security in couple of clicks ad is live and this portal can be dual language default comes in English language (right now available in Arabic language too).  Fully customizable portal with secure backend to maintain. (Core PHP with SQL Database)

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  • Hospital Mobile App

    79,000.00 $ 58,999.00 $ Price excluding tax

    It’s a app for Android and iOS (Apple) with Back end.  Most important feature in this app is online appointment booking and confirmation through push notifications (Which enables the hospital to have zero expenses on sms confirmation and reminders).  It has got few other Unique interesting features.

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  • Non Residents Portal

    54,999.00 $ 52,999.00 $ Price excluding tax

    It is a portal for the citizens who are living outside their origin country.  Can have the membership annually paid and get the services in the origin country when they land or if their loved ones wish to shop in the origin country they will have multiple benefits of special offers to the members of the Non Residents Portal.

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  • Restaurant Picker Portal

    60,000.00 $ 52,999.00 $ Price excluding tax

    It’s a portal / Mobile App (Android & iOS) which enables any customer to see nearest restaurant / hotel to order take away / to book a table  with the different restaurants with their different menus online available with the GPS Map. (Core PHP and SQL Database).

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  • School Mobile App

    75,000.00 $ 54,999.00 $ Price excluding tax

    It’s a app for Android and iOS (Apple) with Back end.  It comes with few different features which helps parents to monitor and understand their wards performance and his / her works.  Ex. Attendance / Marks / Home work /Circulars / Fees reminders in this app all the notifications are free we use push notifications here.  Unlimited messages can be shared to Parents / Teachers. As a option we do have security module incorporated to know the position of Bus.

    Eg: If you want install this app in 5 schools, you need to select Qty as 5.

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  • Shopping Mall Portal (Saudi Arabia & Bahrain)

    1,000,000.00 $ Price excluding tax

    This ready to generate revenue portal. This portal can be launched in any country or tertiary.

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  • Social Clubs Mobile App

    53,500.00 $ Price excluding tax

    It’s a app for Android and iOS (Apple) with Back-end.  Suitable for Social Clubs or Spiritual Communities who can communicate with their registered members for free of cost through push notifications.

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